About The School  

Varnell Elementary School

Varnell Elementary Vision—

Varnell Elementary is a student-focused school where active engagement in a safe and caring environment prepares learners for future success.

Varnell Elementary Mission—

The mission of Varnell Elementary School is to ensure educational success.

Varnell Elementary Beliefs—

·         We believe in our school having a unified focus that meets the needs of our learning community.

·         We believe that students are willing participants when they find value and purpose in their work.

·         We believe that teachers are part of an innovative team which advocates and designs authentic and purposeful learning experiences.

·         We believe that involvement of all stakeholders is vital to the success of our learning community.

·         We believe that our learning community should be a safe environment where success is expected and failure is accepted as a vital part of the learning process.

·         We believe that teachers are satisfied with their work when they know their investment and commitment contribute to the greater success of the community.7


Varnell Staff, Parent & Community Involvement Impacts Learning—

For the 8th year, Varnell Elementary will operate a school-wide Title 1 Program. Title 1 is a federally funded program which addresses needs identified by the No Child Left Behind Legislation. Each Title 1 school has a steering committee made up of parents and teachers. Committee members review a wide range of information to determine the best use of the Title 1 funds. One key component of the Title 1 program is parent involvement. Throughout the year, numerous opportunities are available for parent participation.


Annual Yearly Progress—

Our students have met the achievement standards set by the state guidelines. As a result, our school has not been identified as a Priority, Focus, or Alert school in need of improvement. For more information regarding the achievement standards and the EsEA Flexibility Waiver/College and Career Readiness Performance Index please go to the Georgia Department of Education link at http://www.doe.k12.ga.us/. On the GaDOE website, click on the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Link for Accountability information.


CCRPI/School/System Report Card—

The College and Career ready Performance Index is now available online. There is a master copy of this report in the school office. A copy can be made for any parent upon request. CCRPI is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students. Please click the link below and use the drop down arrows to select Whitfield County Schools and Varnell Elementary to view the report.



Varnell Elementary School Parent Resource Center—

Please stop by the media center and visit the Parent Resource Center. We have many books, magazines, and educational resources to assist families in developing strong learning environments. The center also has computers that can be used as a tool for research.

Highly Qualified Staff—

All certified staff members at Varnell Elementary School are highly qualified to teach in their field. A parent has the right to know and request information concerning the qualifications of a teacher or paraprofessional who works with his/her child. If you have any questions about a teacher’s qualification, please contact Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Wheeler at 706-694-3471.